People do naughty things. Businesses are made up of people. Businesses do naughty things. This blog is about those naughty things, and about some of theories surrounding those naughty things, and the difficulties in dealing with the naughty things. It will range through competition law, the Bribery Act, environmental harms, insider trading, corporate manslaughter, torts, and a fair whack of jurisprudence and criminological theory. It will also discuss stories in the press, or that have made their way into popular culture, and try and explain their legal backgrounds.
Does this make this a ‘legal blog’? I suppose it does. As with any legal blog though, this blog is not about giving advice, and to act on anything I say would be silly. But I can’t help but write from a legal perspective when I’m talking about rights and wrongs and crimes and punishments, never mind statutes and cases.
That said, it will not be a detailed legal analysis. It will try to keep it simple and accessible, but without losing accuracy.
Bloggers need never be qualified, unless having a laptop and an internet connection is ‘qualification’. And I realise that I am not an expert in any one field that I write about. I am a recent Oxford law graduate, and in my optional courses, studied competition law and criminal justice and penology. I worked as a research assistant for my competition law lecturer. I am a trainee at an international law firm. I have done six months in project finance, but did a lot of regulatory and public law work, mainly in renewable energy. I then worked in the competition team, on mergers. I worked on a major criminal trial; and am now in Australia, rounding off my two years with some corporate work.  

For the avoidance of any doubt, the views expressed in the blog are not my firm's, or my old lecturer's, or anyone else's. They might not even be mine. 

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